Northern Lights Solar Systems

Home Related Questions

Q. What if I am part of a condo corporation?

A. For such properties, please consult your condo corporation and get a written approval authorizing you to install solar power modules/panels on the roof top and that they do not have any objection to this installation.


Q. What if there is damage to the roof?

A. In our proud 26 year history of installing we have yet to have an issue from a system installation. We do offer a 1 year roof installation warranty as piece of mind.


Q. Will there be any increase in the property taxes as this is an income generating property?

A. The Ontario-Ministry of Energy , under Green Energy Act has worked with the Ministry of Municipal affairs and at this point there is no impact on property taxes for properties generating power from Renewable Energy sources.


Q. Do I need a building permit for installing Solar Panels/modules on my roof top or in the back-yard?

A. Please refer to your city permit / by-laws on such requirements. Each city has its own permit rules and in all possibilities, you might require a permit for installing solar modules/panels.


Q. What if I decide to sell my house while I still hold a Microfit Contract?

A. Solar power sale contract with Ontario Power Authority under MicroFIT contract is transferrable and can be transferred over to the new home owner for the remainder of the contract.


Q. Will Installing a Solar PV system for my home affect the home value?

A. Solar is seen as an asset by more and more buyers; progressive realtors are now valuing homes with renewable energy solutions at a higher price.